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Contact Us

If you know of a Training date and time that you do not see on here I would love to hear from you.  You can concact us as follows:


Or you can reach us at our mailing address:

Po Box 1361
Uniontown Ky, 42461

Or you can give us a call at
270-822-9086 Union County Fire Department
270-952-5359 Rachelle Hagan (Supporter)
270-952-0432 Matt Williams Asst Chief (Union County Fire Dept)

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This association was built for the Emergency personal of Union County.  After having the association built for a year we decided that we would build a web page to help get out the information on training dates and times.  We all have to work together to let each other know of dates and time that training are going to happen so that the emergency personal of the county can be properly trained.
The association has also been used to help the departments work together to get grants for new gear and other grants that come available the assocation will work together to get grants that are needed for the county.
I want to think you for all of your support in the association and let everyone know that they are invited to the meeting we would like to hear what that you have to say.  This association is for you so feel free to attend.
You can contact us for dates and times of meeting at or
Or you can contact President Matt Williams at or phone (cell) 270-952-0432 (home) 270-822-5859 or (fax) 270-822-9086.