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Recent and Upcoming Events

This page displays the recent events that we have had in the last few months and the events that are coming up in the future.

Recent Events

Fire Safty Day at Wal-Mart 2004
Pictured here is the Jaws of Life on display a fire safety day held at Wal-Mart  

Free Vote Caster from Free Vote Caster from

Thank you for your support at the dinner.  We hope that we will have better turn out next year but we know that there was a lot of fires that prevented you from attending. 
Again we want to thank you for your attendence!

Upcoming Events

The association has worked together to get new gear for the fire departments that are invnolved in the assocation.  Pictured Below is Matt Williams in the new gear and Jermey Millikan in the old gear


New Gear


Old Gear


To sign up or volunteer for an event, see our "Contact Us" page.