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Training Schedule

This is a page for you to take a look at all the training that are upcoming

Would you like to have a E-mail update sent to you of the training dates and times.  Send a E-mail to so that we are able to get your e-mail address for your update.

Training Dates and Times

Click the link below to see a calender that has training dates and times on it if there is a training that is not on there that you would like to see on there let me know.  You can get the information on how to contact me on the contact us link.

Free Calendar
                           from Free Calendar from

The only way that we will know about training dates and times that are not on the pages is if you update us with this information.  Please feel free to send any meeting, training, or special event that you would like to be announced to or


Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.